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During the middle ages, the English toy spaniel or else referred to as Miniature Cocker Spaniel made its way to Europe but this sort of dog first started in China. This dog is the outcome of cross-breeding a Pug and Japanese Chin with European Spaniels. This pet is one of the highly respected dogs in the Renaissance period because this is regarded as royalties’ pet at that certain time. Among the famous individuals is captivated with this dog is King Charles. This is the factor why another name for this breed is ‘King Charles Spaniel’. It’s simply tough to resist the charms of these dogs. Among their nice behavior is snuggling on their master’s lap. With that being said, it’s just right to state that Charlie is the gentlest among the Cavalier cousins. Well, the primary reason for this is this breed of dog is naturally-born to become a companion dog.

Toy Cocker Spaniel has little cobby frames with smooth, wavy coats that come in four color combinations which are namely: Bleinheim (red and white, usually with a red ‘thumb print’ on the forehead), The Prince Charles (black, white and tan) and Ruby (mahogany red). Also, some compared them to pugs all due to their similar snouts. They’re famous for having elongated necks, slanted shoulders and straight forelegs too.

People-oriented is the perfect thing that can be described to Cocker Spaniels. Your children can find the best play partners ever in their presence. Playful and patient are simply two of their great traits. If you are feeling down, these pets can be your best comforter as they possess this natural talent of cheering you up. That is how great they are in sensing your emotions. Visitors will feel more welcome because these pets will definitely not hurt them due to its goodness by nature. Adding one other dogs or pet to the family is not an issue with this dog because they are expert in meeting new people. They can never feel jealous to others. Make certain however that you’ve got given ample attention to them since they may feel depress once they feel being alone.

King Charles Spaniel are adorable lapdogs but you need to know that they are energetic because of the fact that they are descendants from a long series of bird dogs. This dogs needs you to have a large space where they can run around. So, getting a backyard is a must when owning this dog. Furthermore, leisurely strolling in the park a good thing for this dog. These dogs can run very quick so you might want to have a dog leash to keep them restrained.

With at most care, the Miniature Cocker Spaniel can live up to 13 years. Most dogs from this breed build up heart diseases. Aside from that, they’re also prone to have hip displacement and ear infections.
Having a cascading coat, proper brushing should not be taken for granted. In a week, you have to brush their fur twice or thrice. This is necessary so that shedding can be under control. On the other hand, always remember to submit them for clipping once in a year’s quarter.